Lifeline vs Cell Phone

Make sure you stay connected to help in your home.

Imagine a device you wear around the clock. When you need to make a call, it works, and immediately connects you to a helpful, knowledgeable person.

The device you're imagining is a Companion Lifeline Personal Help Button supported by our Medical Alert Service. If you choose Lifeline with AutoAlert , in the event of a fall, you don't even need to press a button to get help. Can your cell phone do that? Cell phones are convenient, but they can't give you the service you need.

With personal care, purpose-built technology, and unmatched reliability, you can expect more from Companion Lifeline Medical Alert Service:

Cell Phone

Lifeline Medical Alert Service


Waterproof for use in a slippery shower:

Always accessible in an emergency:

Automatic redialing, just in case:

Large, one button access to help:

No “downtime” for charging:

Prompt connection to a Response Associate:

Assessment by Response Associate against your profile:

Never out of reach:


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