Mobile Go Anywhere Service

Landline - $59.00 per month
Wireless - $69.00 per month

About GoSafe

Can automatically detect falls wherever you go with GPS-locating capabilities

As important as it is to feel safe at home, that feeling shouldn’t end when you head out the door. That’s why Companion Lifeline’s GoSafe works wherever you are in the continental U.S. and can even identify your location, leveraging the AT&T Wireless Network and 6 state-of-the-art locating technologies.

The help button pendant can do it all:

  • send an alert when you press the button
  • sense when you fall and send an automatic alert
  • provide direct, two-way communication with our 24/7 Response Center.

With Companion Lifeline’s GoSafe, you can get out there and enjoy life with peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

GoSafe is the new mobile personal emergency response system from Companion Lifeline. As our most comprehensive system, it is designed to provide coverage and accountability wherever you go — whether that’s to the mailbox or on vacation.

AutoAlert fall detection

Your AutoAlert pendant is designed to sense when you fall and contact Lifeline automatically if you don’t — or can’t — push the button. It detects 95% of many types of falls.

Two-way voice communication

Speak directly with a Lifeline Response Associate through your Communicator at home, or directly through your pendant if you’re outside the home.

6 location technologies

GoSafe uses GPS, WiFi, cellular networks and more to help us quickly identify your location.

Access to our Response Centers 24/7

Our multi-lingual Lifeline Personal Response

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