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If you fall or need assistance we’ll send for help

When it comes to independent living for yourself or your loved one, having a fall can be a dangerous and life-threatening situation. We understand if a fall does occur, time is of the essence. That is why at Companion Lifeline, we provide the latest technological products along with outstanding alert services for you or your loved one, to know if an unforeseen event does happen, we have you covered. Our dependability will give your family peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our company. We are locally owned and operated. We provide Midwest values and develop face-to-face relationships with all our customers and their families.

Our medical alert systems help minimize injuries and provide freedom

We cannot prevent a fall, but what we can provide are alert services that give peace of mind for everyone involved. Our solution-based approach supplies innovative technologies that effectively connect to the area’s Emergency Response Systems (ERS) when a fall occurs, whether at home or out and about. The ERS staff member will have the ability to speak to your loved one through their pendant or wrist band. Our process dramatically reduces further injuries, getting your loved one the assistance they need.

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Get our personal approach that you deserve

When you call Companion Lifeline, you’ll actually talk to the owner of the company, Jeff Scheribel. Jeff and his business partner Rick Gerig have in-depth knowledge of Medical Alert Systems. They have over 35 years of experience in the industry combined and can provide the information you need to make the right decision. At Companion Lifeline, we help our customers through the installation process face-to-face. The national 1-800 number companies send you a box and expect you to know how to set up their equipment. This is unacceptable. At Companion Lifeline, we’ll come to your home, discuss your individual needs, and determine which of our Medical Alert Solutions fits you best.

Jeff Scheribel
Jeff Scheribel, Owner of Companion Lifeline

Featured Services

Preserve independent at home living with the Lifeline Medical Alert Systems. Below are some of our options.
Landline Required

Standard Landline Service

This landline service provides quick access to help at the push of a button. The auto alert will detect a fall and automatically call for help.
$35 standard
$49 with auto alert
Standard landline product
No Landline Required

Wireless In Home Service

All the benefits of our standard medical alert service plus the only medical alert pendant that can call for help when you can’t.
$39 standard
$49 with auto alert
Wireless in home product

Mobile Go Anywhere Service

GoSafe medical alert system offers 24/7 access to emergency assistance both inside your home and out — giving you confidence anywhere you need it.
$54 with auto alert
GoSafe product
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Get More Out of Life with GoSafe

Feeling safe shouldn’t be constrained to your home environment. Ideally, you’d like to feel safe and secure wherever you might be! Whether that’s walking to your mailbox or going on vacation, feel confident with 24/7 access to help at home or outside with our GoSafe line of medical alert systems.

GoSafe is the new mobile personal emergency response system from Philips Lifeline. Designed for those that are looking for an easy-to-use system that can help provide them with a sense of confidence to continue to get out and live life to the fullest.

Feeling safe shouldn’t be constrained to your home. Ideally, you should feel safe and secure everywhere you go.

Do you want peace of mind for yourself or your loved one?

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The Area We serve

At Companion Lifeline, we are 100% committed to providing you with the best possible service. Whether you live in the Fort Wayne area, or counties in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio area, we will personally install and demonstrate how our Medical Alert Solutions work.

If you live outside our installation area, we can deliver your product(s) via mail anywhere in the United States. Once you have your products, we will contact you by phone and walk you through the installation process.

The area we can deliver and personally install your services.
The area we can deliver by mail and help you through the installation process by phone.
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  • “I want to thank you all very much for answering my call. You made things happen exactly as they are supposed to and probably saved my life. I appreciate you very much.”
    — Cathy, Huntington
  • “Yes I had to push my button. Passed out in the bathroom then couldn't get up. Help came quickly. I wouldn't be without my Companion Lifeline. A life saver!”
    — Emma, Columbia City
  • “Since I live alone most of the time I feel so much more secure with my Companion Lifeline in case I would need help. I also feel safer outside as I enjoy some gardening.”
    — Eileen, New Haven