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Give your loved one the freedom they deserve

Give Your Loved One a Trusted Lifeline for Life's Unexpected Emergencies

On-call emergency assistance that's just one press of a button away

You DON'T have to worry about your family members and friends anymore. Allow them to maintain their independence while living alone with our simple emergency response solutions.

Give your loved one the gift of freedom and allow them to:

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Feel safe at the push of a button, without all the set-up hassle

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Stop living in fear of being alone in the event of an emergency

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Have peace of mind that help is available whenever they need it without sacrificing their independent lifestyle

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Our team is here to help you and your loved ones:

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Feel more secure, knowing that medical help is just a button click away

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Independence for your loved one without the need to be watched 24/7

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A ready-to-go solution that activates for your loved one when unforeseen events and falls occur

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Receive personalized attention when you speak with Jeff Scheribel, the owner of Companion Lifeline

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Introducing Companion Lifeline...

Your trusted emergency response system that will bring medical help to your door, at any hour of the day or night

No one likes feeling helpless when they're physically incapacitated or find themselves in an emergency. Now you can rest easy knowing that your loved one can summon help whenever they need it.

With our state-of-the-art emergency response systems, we can install an on-call source of medical assistance in your loved one's home to quickly dispatch help in the event of an emergency.

Our GoSafe medical alert system is wearable — so your loved one can take it with them wherever they go...even if they're just walking to the mailbox or around the neighborhood.

Plus, our wearable pendants come with AutoAlert to have your friend or family member covered even when they don't — or can't — click the button. Our AutoAlert system will take automatic action for them...designed to sense 95% of many types of falls.

Your loved one doesn't have to change their lifestyle. And you don't have to worry about them anymore. We know today's seniors live active, healthy lives and are often on-the-go. It doesn't matter if they need assistance because of an unexpected fall or a more serious medical emergency — our at-home and mobile response systems give you options to keep them covered.

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We Provide Personalized, Reliable Service...Which You Won't Get From Other Emergency Service Providers

Here's how we're different:

We install your equipment for you...other portable medical device solutions just mail you the equipment and expect you to self-install

We will personally show up to troubleshoot your equipment...rather than leaving you to figure it out for yourself with a complicated manual

When you call us for a consultation, you will always speak to Jeff Scheribel, the owner of the company. His in-depth knowledge of Medical Alert Systems will give you all the information you need to make the right decision.

Want to think about it? We'll still come to your loved one's house to offer an in-home demonstration so you can see how it works before buying.

No prohibitively expensive costs...we offer affordable monthly payment plans, from $35-$55. Isn't your peace of mind worth it?

If your loved one lives in the Fort Wayne area, or counties in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio, we want to be your on-call emergency medical service provider.

See How Companion Lifeline Has Helped Our Customers...

I want to thank you all very much for answering my call. You made things happen exactly as they are supposed to and probably saved my life. I appreciate you very much.

— Cathy N.

Since I live alone most of the time I feel so much more secure with my Companion Lifeline in case I would need help. I also feel safer outside as I enjoy some gardening.

— Eileen R.

I wouldn't be without my Lifeline. One evening I didn't feel good. I pushed the button and told them my problem. Within minutes there was a medic here to check my blood pressure. Within half an hour I was at Parkview Hospital. I live alone and I feel safer with the Lifeline here and I can get someone at any time. Many thanks to you!

— Mary P.

Yes, I had to push my button. Passed out in the bathroom then couldn't get up. Help came quickly. I wouldn't be without my Companion Lifeline. A lifesaver!

— Erma J.

To contact us simply fill out the information below and we'll be in touch shortly