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Companion Lifeline provides peace of mind

At Companion Lifeline, we provide emergency response systems, including our state-of-the-art technologies, along with our reliable local services to give your patient the independence they deserve. If an unforeseen event occurs, such as a fall, our medical alert services will be at your patient’s side every step of the way to ensure they get the assistance they need. That’s why countless doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our products and services. Companion Lifeline is locally owned and operated. We believe in Midwest values and develop face-to-face relationships with all our customers and their families.

Jeff Scheribel
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Get our personal approach that your patient deserves

When reaching out to Companion Lifeline, you’ll talk to the owner of the company. No voice-automated system, no 5-minute waiting period to speak with a customer representative — you get none of that. Instead, when you call, you or your patients will talk with Jeff Scheribel, the owner of Companion Lifeline. Jeff’s in-depth knowledge of Medical Alert Systems, along with his 15-plus years of experience in the industry, provides the information your patients need to make the right decision. Our approach carries throughout our installation process. Many of our national competitors don’t assist your patients in the installation phase. Instead, they will send the unit, along with an information packet, and then, your patient is on their own — this is unacceptable! At Companion Lifeline, we’ll install and set up your patient’s services, while walking them through the entire process.

Jeff Scheribel
Jeff Scheribel, Owner of Companion Lifeline

Featured Services

Preserve independent at home living with the Lifeline Medical Alert Service. Below are some of our options.
Landline Required

Standard Landline Service

This landline service provides quick access to help at the push of a button. The auto alert will detect a fall and automatically call for help.
$35 standard
$49 with auto alert
Standard landline product
No Landline Required

Wireless In Home Service

All the benefits of our standard medical alert service plus the only medical alert pendant that can call for help when you can’t.
$39 standard
$49 with auto alert
Wireless in home product

Mobile Go Anywhere Service

GoSafe medical alert system offers 24/7 access to emergency assistance both inside your home and out — giving you confidence anywhere you need it.
$54 with auto alert
GoSafe product

Get More Out of Life with GoSafe

Feeling safe shouldn’t be constrained to your patient’s home environment. Ideally, they should feel secure wherever they go! Whether that’s walking to the mailbox or going on vacation, your patient should feel confident with our 24/7 access, and with our GoSafe medical alert systems.

GoSafe is the new mobile personal emergency response system from Philips Lifeline. Designed for those that are looking for an easy-to-use system that can help provide a sense of confidence to continue to get out and live life to the fullest.

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When you call, you will actually talk to the owner
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Face-to-face meetings through the entire process
State of Indiana
Locally-owned and operated, with Midwest values
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Affordable pricing — plans ranging from $35 to $55
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We offer in-home demonstrations to all patients
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Reduce readmittance with our life saving auto alert services
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For more information describing our services for your patients, click the ‘summary’ button below. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jeff.